The Ones Who Sleep

A Force and Destiny Campaign

The Galactic Setting

It is over 30 years after the Blockade of Naboo, roughly a year and half until Rogue One.

The Empire

Palpatine's New Order has stood over 16 years and has fully established its iron-fisted-rule over the Core to much of the Outer-Rim. The Republic is gone, the Jedi are less than a memory for most. The rich of the Core Worlds enjoy the stability that the Empire gives them at the expense of the less fortunate. The majority are ignorant of the oppression and atrocities that give them wealth and peace…but few dare question. The Imperial Security Bereau hunts down any dissidents including emerging rebel cells.

The Rebellion

Various Rebel cells have taken up arms against the Empire, but operate largely in isolation. Senators Mon Mothma of Chandrilla and Bail Organa of Alderaan have worked for years to bring rebels together, but not everyone who opposes the Empire agrees on…well anything.

Beyond Empire Control

While the Empire expands its control everyday, many Outer Rim systems have alternate rulers, often Crime Lords like the Hutts. The criminal underworld thrives under the oppression of the Empire, who often use them for their own means. Some refugees elected to become colonists and flew far beyond known space to start new lives on their own terms. Many colonists lead a hard life, though a few enjoy using resources they brought before fleeing. 

Force Sensitives

The Jedi are gone, but those born strong in the force remain. There are hushed whispers of mysterious red blade-wielding Imperials who search for Jedi. The majority of the population associate the Jedi with the corruption and oppression of the Republic that is bombarded at them in Imperial Propoganda. Even those who question the Empire are likely to think ill of both the Jedi and Stormtroopers.

The Campaign

The focus is discovering how Force Sensitive characters adapt to the galactic situation. There is an overarching main plot, but it will move slowly, allowing as much of a sandbox environment as possible. Pursuits of humanitarian, underworld, and rebellion will all be available as they search for mysteries of the Force. Players may not start as one of the main Lightsaber specializations, as they do not have the knowledge…well not yet at least.

The Ones Who Sleep

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